Whacky Wednesday

Something strange and unusual happened yesterday. I was out exploring, going into shops and museum exhibits, drinking my coffee, walking around….completely on my own. I wasn’t pushing a stroller or holding a hand; there were no toys or kid cups in my bag; the sounds of whining and squealing were nowhere to be heard and the Constant Question Brigade was on hold. I was alone – out of the house – for THREE hours.

It was nice. The quiet was fantastic. Still, walking around by myself was almost uncomfortable. That sounds crazy. I was uncomfortable not pushing a stroller, not hauling an extra bag with fifty things we normally don’t even use? Not ushering two little humans around who are easily distracted or complaining half of the time was uncomfortable? What? But it’s true! I guess that’s what happens when you’re a mom for a few years and all of that stuff becomes your “normal”. I was sure to take full advantage of my Me Time, though. A few Dale Chihuly exhibits and I got up close and personal and it was stunning.




Oh, and I was invited to the Oval Office. No big deal.


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Hot Off The Press

I’ve been getting things ready for a new homeschool year recently which means NEW SUPPLIES! I don’t know what it is about pointed crayons, crisp paper and new packages of Post-Its but it’s always exhilarating. Maybe it’s the idea of a fresh start, beginning again with a clean slate. Everyone can use one of those every now and then.

My goal this year is to plan the core of our lessons out at least three weeks in advance. I’m working on getting all of R’s therapies switched to steady early-morning times every week starting in September. That will help me out a lot. Homeschooling gives us a lot of flexibility but R is a routine-loving kind of guy so if he knows that therapy happens in the morning – all of the time – with our school work and/or field trips following I know things will be easier on us all. He and P both enjoy doing lessons and activities in the morning and afternoon rather than the evening. Most of the time once five or six o’clock rolls around one kid or another is way more susceptible to melting down about mole hills. This also happens to be the time when I can feel my patience shrivel up and die. So let’s hope we can get a good schedule going this year!

I’m excited about getting out and doing more with R and P this year, too. I’ve been taking them to more places on my own and it usually works out well. R will still bolt if I’m not holding onto his hand but P is old enough now that she can play or work on something near me without running off or needing a whole lot of assistance. That’s nice because it allows me more time with R, to help him with whatever activity we’re doing and to keep him from running off to dig in people’s bags or tumble down steps. The boy has no fear so letting him roam completely free isn’t a safe option.

We do love when Mr. MOC is off work and can go everywhere with us, though! It makes things easier for sure and it’s fun to have Daddy around. Since we’ve been living in a bigger city we’ve done a lot more going-going-going. It’s tiring at times but with all of this entertainment around us to see and do I feel like we should soak everything up before moving off to our next location, wherever that may be. (We’re a little Nomadic.) Plus R and P are always up for a day out and about so we try to encourage that love.


As for right now, we’re all under the weather so home is the place to be today. Puzzles, Caillou, resting, coloring, and Cyberchase for the littles while this mama writes, plans, and works on the most dreaded chore of all around here – laundry.

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